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Decision Authors Title
full-paper Jean-Michel Dalle, Benjamin Traullé The evolution of developer work rhythms: an analysis using signal processing techniques
full-paper Steven Wilson, Yiting Shen, Rada Mihalcea Building and Validating Hierarchical Lexicons with a Case Study on Personal Values
full-paper Zahra Fatemi, Matteo Magnani, Mostafa Salehi A generalized force-directed layout for multiplex sociograms
full-paper Ang Li, Rosta Farzan Keeping up on Current Events! A Case Study of Newcomers in Wikipedia
full-paper Thijs Brouwers, John Onneweer, Jan Treur An Agent-Based Modelling Approach to Analyse the Public Opinion on Politicians
full-paper Guusje Boomgaard, Falko Lavitt, Jan Treur Computational Analysis of Social Contagion and Homophily Based on an Adaptive Social Network Model
full-paper Antoine Dubois,Emilio Zagheni, Kiran Garimella, Ingmar Weber Studying Migrant Assimilation Through Facebook Interests
full-paper Genevieve Gorrell, Ian Roberts, Mark Greenwood, Mehmet Bakir, Benedetta Iavarone, Kalina Bontcheva Quantifying Media Influence and Partisan Attention on Twitter during the UK EU Referendum
full-paper Mikhail Levshunov, Sergei Mironov, Alexey Faizliev, Sergei Sidorov Restoring the succession of magistrates in ancient Greek policies: how to reduce it to travelling salesman problem using heuristic approach
full-paper George Berry, Antonio Sirianni, Nathan High, Agrippa Kellum, Ingmar Weber, Michael Macy AdjustedWalk: Estimating group properties in online social networks with a classifier
full-paper Huet Sylvie, Guillaume Deffuant, Armelle Nugier, Michel Streith, Serge Guimond Resisting hostility generated by terror: an agent-based study
full-paper Pertti Ahonen, Juha Koljonen Transitory and Resilient Salient Issues in Party Manifestos, Finland, 1880s to 2010s: Towards Mainstreaming a Content Analysis Carried out by Means of Topic Modeling
full-paper Megan Squire Network Analysis of Anti-Muslim Groups on Facebook
full-paper Afra Mashhadi, Clovis Chapman Who Gets the Lion’s Share in the Sharing Economy: A case study of social inequality in AirBnB
full-paper Qing Xu, Sylvie HuetEric Perret, Guillaume Deffuant Which of Farms’ characteristics or social dynamics better explain the conversion to organic farming?
full-paper Najeeb Gambo Abdulhamid, Mark Perry, Armin Kashefi Process Workflow in Crowdsourced Digital Disaster Responses
full-paper Felicia Natali, Feida Zhu Offline versus Online: A Paradigm for Meaningful Categorization of Ties for Retweets
full-paper Kimitaka Asatani, Yasuko Kawahata, Fujio Toriumi, Ichiro Sakata Communication based on unilateral preference on Twitter: Internet luring in Japan
full-paper Hao Chen, Susan McKeever, Sarah Jane Delany A Comparison of Classical versus Deep Learning Techniques for Abusive Content Detection on Social Media Sites
full-paper Kota Kakiuchi, Fujio Toriumi, Masanori Takano, Kazuya Wada, Ichiro Fukuda Influence of Selective Exposure to Viewing Contents Diversity
full-paper Carlos Henrique Gomes Ferreira, Breno de Sousa Matos,Jussara Marques de Almeida Analyzing Dynamic Ideological Communities in Congressional Voting Networks
full-paper Xing Zhao,James Caverlee Vitriol on Social Media: Curation and Investigation
full-paper Andrew Cutler, Brian Kulis Inferring Human Traits From Facebook Statuses
full-paper Evandro Cunha, Gabriel Magno, Josemar Caetano, Douglas Teixeira, Virgilio Almeida Fake news as we feel it: perception and conceptualization of the term "fake news" in the media
full-paper Laura Gatto, Dar'Ya Heyko, Miana Plesca, Luiza Antonie Gender Wage Gap in the University Sector: A Case Study of All Universities in Ontario, Canada
full-paper Gaurav Kalra, Minsang Yu, Dongman Lee, Meeyoung Cha, Daeyoung Kim Ballparking the Urban Placeness: A Case Study of Analyzing Starbucks Posts on Instagram
full-paper Qiufang Ying, Dah Ming Chiu, Xiaopeng Zhang Diversity of a User's Friend Circle in OSNs and Its Use for Profiling
full-paper Wen-Ting Chung, Yu-Ru Lin, Ang Li, Ali Mert Ertugrul, Muheng Yan March with and without Feet: The Talking about Protests and Beyond
full-paper Jisun An, Ingmar Weber Diversity in Online Advertising: A Case Study of 69 Brands on Social Media
full-paper Danila Vaganov, Anastasia Funkner, Sergey Kovalchuk, Klavdiya Bochenina Forecasting purchase categories with transition graphs using financial and social data
full-paper Bojan Simoski, Michel Klein, Eric F. M. Araujo, Henri Bal Understanding the Effect of Network Structure on Social Network Interventions
full-paper Sergei Koltsov, Sergei Pashakhin, Sofia Dokuka A full-cycle methodology for news topic modeling and user feedback research
full-paper Floriana Gargiulo, Ilaria Bertazzi, Sylvie Huet, Guillaume Deffuant The anatomy of a Web of Trust: the Bitcoin-OTC market
full-paper Rosta Farzan, Claudia López Assessing Competition for Social Media Attention among Non-profits
full-paper Olga Kozyreva, Anna Pechina, Jan Treur Network-Oriented Modeling of Multi-Criteria Homophily and Opinion Dynamics in Social Media
short paper (poster) Keiichi Ueda, Setsuya Kurahashi How can we utilize self-service technology better ?
short paper (poster) Alexander Porshnev Success factors of electronic petitions at Russian Public Initiative project: role of informativeness, topic and lexical information.
short paper (poster) Aleksandra Nabożny, Bartłomiej Balcerzak, Adam Wierzbicki Automatic credibility assessment of medical popular articles available on-line
short paper (poster) Myeong Lee, Lingzi Hong, Afra Mashhadi, Vanessa Frias-Martinez Towards Understanding Communication Behavior Changes during Floods using Cell Phone Data
short paper (poster) Fakhra Jabeen How Happy You Are: A Computational Study of Social Impact on Self-esteem
short paper (poster) Yaoyiran Li, Rada Mihalcea Detecting and Understanding Changes in Mental Health
short paper (poster) Hideyuki Nagai, Setsuya Kurahashi Urban Dynamics Simulation Considering Street Activeness and Transport Policies
short paper (poster) Teogenes Moura Fraud Prevention on Crowdfunding platforms with Bitcoin and Markov Chains
short paper (poster) Angela Chang Digitalized News on Diseases Coverage- What Health Features of Media Content Induced for Chinese?
short paper (poster) Enes Kocabey, Ferda Ofli, Javier Marin, Antonio Torralba, Ingmar Weber Using Computer Vision to Study the Effects of BMI on Online Popularity and Weight-Based Homophily
short paper (poster) Andrzej Jarynowski, Andrzej Grabowski Influence of temporal aspects and age-correlations on the process of opinion formation based on Polish contact survey
short paper (poster) Sergio Toral, Rocio Martinez-Torres, Maria Olmedilla Analysis of Online Reviews from the perspective of Search and Experience goods
short paper (poster) Qianqian Liu, Qun Wang, Guoqing Peng, Qian Wan Evaluating the Search and Rescue Strategies of Post Disaster
short paper (poster) Robert Ackland, Timothy Graham, Florian Muhle Exploring the Behaviour of SocialBots in Political Conversations on Twitter
short paper (poster) Aristea Kontogianni, Katerina Kabassi, Efthimios Alepis Designing a Smart Tourism Mobile Application: User Modelling through Social Networks' User Implicit Data
short paper (poster) Miho Toyoshima, Masaharu Hirota, Daiju Kato, Tetsuya Araki, Hiroshi Ishikawa Where is the memorable travel destinations?
short paper (poster) Joni Salminen, Dmitry Maslennikov, Bernard J. Jansen, Rami Olkkonen With or Without Online Super Platforms? Analyzing News Publishers’ Strategies Through a Game of Monetization and Advertising Revenue
short paper (poster) Sergei Sidorov, Alexey Faizliev, Mikhail Levshunov, Alfia Chekmareva, Alexander Gudkov, Eugene Korobov Graph-based clustering approach for economic and financial event detection using news analytics data
short paper (poster) Daniel Formolo, Tibor Bosse, Natalie Van Der Wal Studying the Impact of Trained Staff on Evacuation Scenarios by Agent-Based Simulation
short paper (poster) Gregor Wiedemann, Seid Muhie Yimam, Chris Biemann Multilingual Information Extraction and Visualization for Investigative Journalism
short paper (poster) Mitsuo Yoshida, Fujio Toriumi Information Diffusion Power of Political Party Twitter Accounts during Japan's 2017 Election
short paper (poster) Dhouha Ghazouani, Luigi Lancieri, Habib Ounelli, Chaker Jebari Assessing socioeconomic status of Twitter users: A survey
short paper (poster) Igor Kotenko, Igor Saenko, Andrey Chechulin, Vasily Desnitsky, Lidia Vitkova, Anton Pronoza Monitoring and counteraction to malicious influences in the information space of social networks
short paper (poster) Pavel Emelyanov, Liudmila Mozheikina Mobile Applications as Tools of Alternative Communication, Diagnostics and Language Development for Children with Language Disorders
short paper (poster) Antonio Sirianni The Effect of Service Cost, Quality, and Location on the Length of Online Reviews
short paper (poster) Hannah Lee Using Twitter Hashtags to Gauge Real-Time Changes in Public Opinion: An Examination of the 2016 US Presidential Election
short paper (poster) Lenin Medeiros, Tibor Bosse, Jan Treur Simulating a Mutual Support Network of Human and Artificial Agents
short paper (poster) Nicolás Emilio Díaz Ferreyra, Tobias Hecking, Ulrich Hoppe, Maritta Heisel Access-control Prediction in SNSs: Examining the Role of Homophily
short paper (poster) Nazanin Afsarmanesh, Matteo Magnani Partial and overlapping community detection in multiplex social networks
short paper (poster) Yoshiyuki Shoji, Katsurou Takahashi, Martin J. Dürst, Yusuke Yamamoto, Hiroaki Ohshima Location2Vec: Generating Distributed Representation of Location by Using Geotagged Microblog Posts
short paper (poster) Olga Dornostup, Alena Suvorova Network structure of e-shops profile as factor of its success: case of
short paper (poster) Sofiane Abbar, Tahar Zanouda, Noora Alemadi, Rachida Zegour City of the People, for the People: Sensing Urban Dynamics via Social Media Interactions
short paper (poster) Nataliya Kochetkova, Ekaterina Pronoza, Elena Yagunova News Clusters Analysis via Paraphrase Extraction. News Headline as a Form of News Text Compression
short paper (poster) Lianwei Wu, Yuan Rao, Hualei Yu, Yiming Wang, Ambreen Nazir A Multi-Semantics Classification Method based on Deep Learning for Incredible Messages on Social Media